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The Meth Monster

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Disclaimer: Anything and everything on this website message board that gets posted becomes the property of the board in the manner of whether it stays as a topic or gets deleted, or used in some way and is up to the sole descretion of the board owner and the chosen moderators if such things transpire. As well, any persons harassing other members or in fact are deemed inappropriate for the board in the sense of stalking,(also punishable by law and subject to prosecution under penalty of national stalking laws), or uncalled for behavior can and will be removed without notice. There is zero tolerance at this board for that type of behavior and any promoting of drugs. As well, (members), please note that you need to be careful who you give out personal information to, make sure you are/feel completely safe when and if giving out private information to those you may come into contact with ANY place on the Internet. If you feel in fact that you are being harassed or stalked, do not hesistate to contact the proper authories.